Baby Knowledge

For most new parents the birth of their baby is the only first hand experience they have had with a newborn. Because the first weeks for months of having a new baby are spent in private at home, we don't get to witness what it is really like to care for the newest babies. 

This class is designed to prepare new parents with the information they need to have realistic expectation about what caring for a newborn is really like.  You will leave this class confident and informed about your babies needs and setting your family up for success in the newborn period.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Newborn Behaviors and Schedule
  • What to expect in the first 8-12 weeks
  • Setting yourselves up for success
  • Maximizing sleep and strategies for safe sleep
  • Understanding your newborns cues
  • Creating a calming environment to prevent over simulation
  • How to soothe a crying baby
  • Hands-on practice with bathing, swaddling, & diaper changes
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Feeding expectation
  • arning signs to catch issues early