Meeting Informational Night!!! February 10, 5pM

Mission Statement:

The Family Room Babysitting Cooperative believes that parents should have quality care for their children without financial restriction and those children should have playmates. 

Cooperative Member Forms:


Bylaws Signature Page

Liability Release Form

Member Information Form

Members Only Information Page

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to live in a certain area to join the co-op?

Yes. We have found the success of a babysitting co-op is based in the members living close enough to each other that driving does not inhibit the inhibit being able to support each other. The current boundaries can be seen in the map. If you life near the boundary and are wanting to join please contact the co-op director. These situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Boundaries are subject to change. Specific sub-boundaries may be added in the future. 


Is there a cost to join the co-op?

Yes, there is a $10 annual fee per family to join. This is to cover mostly printing cost of coupons, and contracts. It will also cover any other administrative costs that may accrue. Please make checks payable to The Family Room.

How do I join?

Fill out the member information form. Read and agree to the Bylaws, sign a liability release form, have all adults (anyone over 18) that live in your home pass a background check, and email results to

Are there any time requirements to be a member?

Yes, you must attend one of the Cooperative monthly social meetings at least once every 3 months. This is to ensure that co-op members get to know each other and each others families. We want families to know one another so you feel comfortable watching others children and having others watch your children.

When and where do the monthly meeting take place?

The monthly meetings are hosted by member families. This allows for the meeting to be convenient for people who live in very different parts of the city to attend. As the Cooperative grows there may be neighborhood specific meetings, as well as larger meetings. To find out where the next meeting is, contact

Who do I contact with Questions, concerns or complaints?

Our current Director is Krista Kremer. You can reach her via email at

How do I get a background check?

Getting a background check is simple and easy. Go to the website You are responsible to pay for the cost of the background check. The cost is about $7. Background check results can be downloaded and emailed to the Director at

How do I exchange babysitting in the co-op?

The Cooperative works on a coupon system. When you join you receive a certain number of coupons based on the number of children you have. Each coupon is worth 30 minutes of babysitting time for one child. You pay the co-op member to watch your child or children with these coupon equal to the amount of time your child/children are watched.  For example, if you need childcare for one child for 2 hours, you would give the co-op member watching your child 4 coupons.

Can I buy coupons?

No, the way the cooperative works is to have everyone using babysitting and provide babysitting. If you run out of coupons, to get more you coupons you will need to provide babysitting for someone else.

How do I let the co-op know when I need a sitter or find out when others need a sitter?

We have a secret Facebook Group where we can request babysitting or share anything you like privately with other group members. You can also contact another member directly by phone or e-mail to arrange a trade.

How can I connect with co-op members outside of meetings and babysitting?

We have two Facebook groups. One is closed but open to other who are not members. One is a secret group for  where you can share privately.  The Facebook Group is Family Room Babysitting Coop This is a place for you to let members know about great things happening in the city, set up play dates, find people to join you on outings, ask questions, or just share. 

Meetings and Playgroups:

Informational Night February 10 5pm


Contact with questions.