Birth of a Sibling

How do you make sure your child is ready to be a sibling and welcome new baby?

The addition of another child to your family is not just the birth of a baby, it is also the birth of siblings. You are creating a brand new relationship, a sibling relationship. 

This is a big transition for everyone and is especially difficult for the new big brother and sister. Children who are not prepared for the new baby can suffer from: increased aggression, regression of new skills, develop bad sleep habits, begin to act out and have jealousy. 

While this sounds awful, it can be easily avoided. With a few simple conversations and some easy tips you and your family can enjoy the new addition to your family without wondering if your older child is getting what they need or who the crazy child is that seems to be inhabiting your sweet little ones body.


This class discusses:

  • What your child needs to know before the new baby arrives.
  • Ways to tell your child what they need to know.
  • Talking about the birth process, if appropriate.
  • Normalizing negative feelings about the new baby
  • Teaching how to touch and play with baby
  • Managing the needs of two unhappy children
  • Strategies for making everyone feel taken care of.
  • And more.
When a new baby arrives the new big brother or sister needs small ways to stay connected to you while you care for your newborn.