Quiet amidst the noise

By Wendy Ray

Here at the Family Room, we’ve had our first few weeks of meditation on Monday mornings. It has been a wonderful time to connect, have a break from parenting and to find our center in the midst of the busyness of our lives.  I remember the very first Monday morning…we were sitting quietly, soft music playing… and above our heads, a heavy-footed person began marching around (okay, maybe just laying flooring in the office above us).  Then, outside the door, the children escaped from their play room and began squealing and pattering around.  I knew that the attention of each one of us kept being drawn away from the quiet time and time again.  Then I realized that this was perfect.  It is how our lives are and it is also how our minds are.  Our practice is to find that center, even for a few seconds, amidst the chaos that is our life.  This does take practice, but I also know that each of the seconds where our minds mirror that perfectly still pool of water absolutely count.  And, they attract to them more seconds.  As we sense and feel what that feels like, our brain begins to remember and we can re-create those still seconds no matter what is swirling around us.  

Come join us on Monday mornings at 10am.  (childcare is included)