Silly Hearts Yoga

When you watch a children's yoga class with Silly Hearts Yoga for kids you will hear children barking like dogs, and mooing like a cow.  You will see children jumping like frogs and making a forest of trees.  You will hear children breathing and see their bodies move with breath.  But what's really happening?  In addition to the physical benefits of yoga which get kids moving and help reduce the risk of obesity, there are plenty of other benefits to a yoga practice for young children.  Yoga helps to teach balance and flexibility, in both mind and body. Yoga teaches cooperation and perseverance- children work together to create partner poses and practice poses that can be challenging physically and mentally.   Breathing techniques that are taught and practiced throughout a yoga class can be applied in real life situations as a calm down strategy.  In a Silly Hearts yoga class, children move from calm to energized and then learn to use their breath to move from energized back to calm- an important skill to have at any age!  One of the greatest benefits of yoga for kids is the fun children have during class and the growth they make as their practice deepens. 

Meet Audrey Beaugh

Audrey is an early childhood special educator and trained yoga for kids instructor.  Audrey lives in Denver, CO with her husband, two year old son and 11 year old dog.  Audrey is a native of the Chicagoland area but moved to Denver 10 years ago and loves the bright sunny days and active lifestyle.  Audrey enjoys playing at the park with her son, going for family walks and spending time with friends.  She is eager to spread her love of teaching and yoga with children across the Denver area.

Itty Bitty Yoga Ages 2-4

Tuesdays 4:30pm, Fridays 9:30am

This class is specially designed for the itty bittiest yogis out there! In this class children will jump like frogs, roar like lions, walk like dinosaurs, swim like fish and more! This class helps to teach basic concepts such as big and small, quick and slow and how to take your body from calm to energized and back again using breath and movement.  No prior exposure to yoga is necessary for participation in this class.  Many itty bitty yogis start this class as observers, which is absolutely fine! It may take 2-3 classes for a child to try a pose and get fully involved in the class, and that is absolutely fine, too!