Self Nurturing Stillness

Meet Wendy Ray

As a Licensed Practitioner (spiritual counselor or guide), Wendy is passionate about being a light that allows the full potential and beauty of her clients to shine. 

Wendy did her training at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado. She took classes and workshops for three years followed, by two years of Practitioner training. Wendy also has a Master's in Applied Anthropology.  In between those two things, She worked as a post-partum doula and trainer for doulas for about six years.   In addition to seeing private clients in her home, she is often a teaching assistant in classes at Mile Hi Church, and leads small groups or meditation groups.  Her most cherished role, however, is being the mother of her nine year old daughter.

What is a Practitioner?

A Religious Science Practitioner is licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado. A practitioner is different than a counselor, in that they don't give advice. Rather a practitioner, nurtures a person to experience their own inner knowing and guidance.  In a sense, they have the opportunity to midwife the perfection in the other.  It is a great honor.  Sometimes a practitioner sees some old thinking that has been blocking the good from flowing, other times it's a matter of working with Spiritual Principles to move to the next platform of growth.  Practitioners are spiritual but not religious so they accept and value all spiritual paths and places.  Affirmative prayer is one tools Practitioners use to shift the mind and to connect with the field of all possibility.   

"As a licensed Practitioner, my work with clients one-on-one is truly the work of my heart.  I have an opportunity to sit with someone, truly listen and reflect back to them their own light. I love working with my own Practitioner and have seen profound shifts in my life-both inner and outer."

 -Wendy Ray

Two Opportunities for Some Self Nurturing Stillness

Group Meditation

Group Meditation is a time for people to come together and support each other in stillness. Groups Meditations will last a total of 50 mins. The first 10-15 mins is for everyone to arrive and get settled. Then Wendy will set the space for meditation time. She is provide some guidance into stillness, and gentle prompts for the mind, as it tends to wonder. The mediation time will last 20-30 minutes. After, there will be 10-15 minutes for participants to move out of the meditation space in their own time.

Open Meditation

Open Meditation is 60 minutes of free-form quiet time. You are welcome to meditate, journal, do yoga, sleep, draw, or whatever feeds you for that day. Wendy will be there to hold space, listen, pray, or just affirm you. You can arrive at anytime during the hour, and stay for as little or as long as you want.

Child care is provided during all Mediation Classes.

Group Meditation will be from Mondays at 10am and Tuesdays at 6pm.

Open Meditation will be Thursdays at 10am

The Benefits of Meditation

by Wendy Ray

The benefits of meditation are numerous. Scientific studies, articles in parenting magazines and encouragement from Oprah tell us that simply taking time to be still and quiet the mind will overflow into all other areas of our lives.  Meditation is known to reduce stress, increase immune function, reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression, help with sleep problems and encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Studies that show how meditation increases happiness and compassion by impacting the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that generates positive emotions.  I especially love knowing that these brain changes are not only happening during meditation, but are permanent.  

What I like about meditation is that even though truly quieting the mind is nearly impossible for us humans, when I am practicing any length of regular meditation, I find that I can move to a place of stillness in the midst of my day much more easily.  I can manage my emotions better and be more present for my child.  A big part is knowing I have done something to nourish myself.  Even a few minutes a day makes a difference.

Meditating in a group can be a powerful experience.  Many people find that it is easier to meditate in a group and the calm they experienced is deeper.  I find that my personal meditation time is easier when I am practicing regularly with a group as well.