Notice something beautiful…

By Wendy Ray, MA, RScP

I recently listened to a talk about meditation by Deepak Chopra and he said that the people who say that they don’t have time for meditation are the ones who need it the most.  How dare he say that, right?  He doesn’t have small children at home and he probably has a housekeeper, a personal assistant and all manner of staff to take care of the mundane daily tasks.  I’d have time to meditate if I had all of that.  No problem.

He also said that any amount of time, done nearly any way counts.  Okay, I’m listening…

Taking time to still the mind, to quiet the incessant voices at least a tiny bit, can have huge benefits.  Brain-changing benefits. 

Maybe you feel like have never been good at meditating--that the gerbil wheel of your mind never stops.  The good news is that as you practice, even a few minutes a day, it will become easier.

I don’t sit in the lotus position or on a fancy cushion.  I don’t chant.   I just do what feels good.  My favorite thing is to simply envision golden light throughout my body before I go to sleep.  One way that I bring stillness to moments of my day is to stop, wherever I am, take a deep breath and notice, for just a couple of seconds, something beautiful.  Try it right now.  Just stop, breathe and notice.  If it makes you smile, all the better.

Wendy is passionate about being a light that allows the full potential and beauty of her clients to shine. You can read more of her writing on her blog at http://lettinglightlead.comShe leads group and open meditation at The Family Room on Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings.  See our schedule here to sign up.