A Letter to Our Dearest Colleagues in the Family Business Community

Join the Professional Partnership Program at The Family Room


Welcome to another trip around the sun. And, as with last year, we’re assuming it will be quite another trip! Ours was!

We hope that your 2015 was productive, enlightening and brought you ever closer to your goals.

We know that together we are stronger. Being in the family and parenthood industry, joining in opportunities for exposure is always a benefit to each other.

It's time to renew or start your membership in our Professional Partnership Program and this year, we are offering even more than ever.

Why Join?

Here's What You Get:

  • Your logo featured on every newsletter
  • Our list is currently at 574 and has doubled in the last 3 months
  • We have recently expanded to weekly newsletters
  • Our click rate is more than triple our industry rate
  • Participation in Annual Open House for parents and parent figures in early Fall
  • Discounted vendor space
  • Featured marketing placement
  • Links to your website from our newsletter and website
  • Opportunity to guest blog once a quarter
  • Social media placement 2x per month
  • Create your custom post and/or graphic
  • Our Facebook Page currently has 891 likes
  • Physical placement on our huge canvas at The Family Room
  • 4x4 inch specialty canvas with your logo
  • Business card wall mounts next to your canvas
  • Business card placement available only to program members
  • With multiple classes daily, your business will be highly visible
  • If you leave the program, you keep your canvas
As you make your plans for 2016, consider joining with us in our Professional Partnership Program.

Wrap-Up....The Details:

Renews Feb. 1 2016

$200 for full year

Apprx. 52 newsletters

Apprx. 24 social media posts


Guest Blogs

Event opportunities

Physical ad space for foot traffic

Email Patience Bleskan at patience@thefamilyroomdenver.com to renew or sign up.

Discounts Available!

Participating businesses that are willing to post The Family Room logo on their company website with a link receive $10 off the annual membership.

Agree to share 2 of our social media posts/month and receive an additional $10 off.

Let's Stick Together!

We are willing to put in the work to help your business receive additional exposure through the efforts of our staff, our social media and website that we work so hard on to keep fresh and consistently sent out.

Your contribution helps us continue to do that great work and expose parents to the myriad of services out there for new parents. By joining together, we are able to truly give a holistic offering of services to the Denver parent community.

Sign Up or Renew Today

Have more questions before signing up? Contact Patience at The Family Room at patience@thefamilyroom.com or at 303-356-6244.