Postcards for Sammie Project

Recently a friend of ours asked us to spread the word about a 3rd grader who had his leg amputated due to complications from childhood meningitis. The story touched our hearts and I hope it touches yours too. 


Postcards for Sammie

Dear family and friends, 

In my small school in Dubois, WY (total K-12 population of 100 students) we have a 3rd Grader, Sammie Cyrus, that just had his lower left leg amputated (January 5th) due to complications with meningitis he contracted as a toddler.  His lower right leg was amputated when he was three. Sammie will be at home recovering until the end of February or so, and would love to hear from YOU!

His mom, Kelly, is a custodian at our school.  His dad, Dorian, is an electrician in town.  Sammie also has a sweet younger brother Gideon (kindergarten). 

His classmates have concocted a "Postcards for Sammie" campaign - the idea is to get people from around the world to send Sammie encouraging postcards during his homebound time.  Sammie will be collecting data on the postcards (how many per day, how many from what state/country), graph the data, display where the postcards came from on a wall map and will eventually select what he considers, his favorite, the funniest, the postcard that traveled the farthest, etc. when he returns to school.

I am hoping that you will take a spare minute or two and mail him a postcard from your neck of the woods (Sammie Cyrus, c/o Dubois Schools, PO Box 188, Dubois, WY 82513). If you have friends or family even farther away who might send him a card, please feel free to forward this to them!  He is a great kid with an incredibly optimistic attitude, especially considering all the painful medical care he has had to receive over his short life time.  Thanks!  Hope you New Year is off to a great start! :)