How Chiropractic Can Improve Your Child’s Mood and Well-Being

Pediatric chiropractic care has proven useful in many different ways to help with the spinal stresses and physical well-being for children. Chiropractic also can have a great impact on a child’s mood and behavior. According to the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association, three of the main benefits linked to pediatric chiropractic care are “improved immune system function, improved sleep, and improved moods in the children.” 

At Well Beings Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on our pediatric chiropractic care for children of all ages, from newborns to teens. The human body takes on many physical stresses throughout life, starting in the womb. In fact, pressure on the spine begins while a child is in utero, often resulting in spinal dysfunction, also known as subluxation. This causes stress on the nervous system as well, which can affect your child’s behavior. Some other causes for an imbalance within the body that are almost inevitable, include:

  • Birth
  • Learning to walk, falling down or jumping
  • Playground accidents and tumbles
  • Contact sports
  • Ill-fitting footwear

Spinal misalignments caused by these issues and others are often exacerbated by the high-stimulation world we live in and reflected through behavioral issues and disrupted sleep patterns.

For example, one young Well Beings client struggled with sensory processing. He was hyperactive and uncomfortable with physical touch or any signs of intimacy. After two and a half months of care from Dr. Jacob Fletcher at Well Beings Chiropractic, the child gained a new calmness as well as the ability to show love, his mother said.

When the spine is properly aligned, we see improvements in behavior, mood and digestion, and physical comfort in children of all ages as well as a better ability to breastfeed in infants.

We are frequently asked how old a child should be to receive chiropractic care. Our answer is almost from birth! In fact, we frequently see babies as young as a few days old. We often will care for a mother during her pregnancy and then continue care for her and her newborn post-birth. In this video we have Drs. Maura and Jacob explaing more on the topic. 

At Well Beings Chiropractic, it is our mission to help families heal, grow and thrive through chiropractic care.   If you have any questions about how chiropractic could help improve your child’s mood, or any other inquiries about our practice, please give us a call at 303.238.6500.