Am I A Boy?

By: Anonymous

When I was little, I was a pretty cute kiddo! I was the first child of my parents and the first grandchild, so my family was pretty head over heels when I came around. But, being the only child thus far in the family, I had a lot of sorting out to do and one involved gender (a very confusing topic for a wee one!).

I never had thought about it before until I entered Kindergarten. I also hadn’t been teased yet. Oh boy, what a fun day this memory was….. I was at school with my cute pixie cut and the kids just started laying into me...on the first day of school of course too.

Walking home from school in tears, I arrived at our family home and asked my mom, “Mom, am I a boy?” The look in her eyes was a little daunting as I could tell even then that I was about to learn something.

My mom put me in the bathtub for my nightly wash and gently explained the different parts of girls and boys. Confused as hell still, I understood a lot more than I did in the beginning, and no, I found out that I was not a boy. And, my mom started letting me grow my hair a little longer.

I don’t exactly remember how she explained it to me, but I remember that she did it in a way that was not scary, not intimidating and gave just enough information for my little brain to handle.

Talking to your kids about sex and gender is always an awkward moment. No way around that. But, instead of going at it alone and second-guessing yourself and your approach, why not take some tips from an expert?

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