Why go to a meditation group....?

By Wendy Ray

Everybody has heard that meditation is good for you.  It relieves stress, creates peace and, well, is sometimes just something that is way down on our to-do lists.  We can meditate on our own, so why come to a group to meditate?

One thing that I have often heard from people who come to our Monday morning group is that the meditation time we have on those mornings is the only chance they find in their busy mothering week to sit down to meditate.  Good intentions of meditating while our children nap often get trumped by all the things we need to get done.  Still, they report that even that one time a week is worth it. 

Another reason to come to a group for meditation is that for most, the experience is deeper—or more simply put, it works better.  We all have that monkey mind that wants to stay busy no matter what we are doing, but being in the presence of others somehow seems to allow our minds to quiet just a little bit more.

Lastly, it is a chance to be with others while our children are being well-cared for in the next room.  A much needed respite and a wonderful (dare I say powerful?) way to start the week. 

If this calls to you at all, please come to The Family Room Monday mornings at 10am.  It is an open, warm and easy environment.  All we do is take time to practice being still together.