Class Evaluation

Thank You in Advance!

We are so pleased you decide to take a class with us at The Family Room. We are always striving to have the best programing and appreciate any and all feedback you can provide. Your feedback will be used to help us and our instructors to keep improving.  We share your feedback with our staff and instructors so we can all benefit from your thoughts and input. If you would like us to keep your identifying information private, there is a place to indicate this preference on the survey. 

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Date of the class you attended
Date of the class you attended
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Basic Feedback
Basic Feedback
Please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statement based of your experience in class.
The space was inviting, comfortable and conducive to learning.
The cost of the class was appropriate.
The materials, media and handouts were appropriate and well used for the class.
The instructor was knowledgeable and up to date topics.
Overall the class met my expectations.
The day and time of the class worked well for my family.
I would recommend this class/group to a friend.
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