Co-working Space

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A place for family support professionals to work and play

As professionals in a helping profession in can be difficult to find affordable working space that is also family friendly. We are the solution for you. 

We have a class room and a consultation room available for use on a membership basis. 

Membership is a flat monthly rate that gives you access to the space for a set number of hours each month. You can reserve classroom space or the consultation room up to the number of hours included in your membership. 

Membership Levels

Classroom Only Memberships


5 Classroom Hours



10 Classroom Hours



15 Classroom Hours


Consultation Room Only Membership

Bronze CR:

5 hour


Silver CR:

10 hours


Gold CR:

15 Hours


Classroom and Consultation Room Memberships

Bronze Plus:

5 classroom hours & 5 Consult Room hours


Silver Plus:

10 Classroom Hours &    5 Consult Room Hours


Gold Plus:

10 classroom hours & 10 Consult Room Hours


Want to rent a room on a one time or occasionally? We do that too. 

Classroom $30/hour

Consultation Room $25/hour

Networking, Marketing, and Mastermind meetings included in membership.

Free Coffee and Tea