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Here is the list of amazing people and companies that offer services to serve the families of The Family Room.

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Patience Bleskan

Consulting & Coaching

I offers consulting and coaching on most major topics. These include, but are not limited to Sleep, Behavioral Issues, Potty Training, and Sibling Relationships. There are many different levels of support yo make sure you can get the support you need at any price point. 

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Groups, Classes & Workshops

Groups learning is a great way to learn. Connecting and hearing the experiences of other helps us feel normal. I have my core classes I run on a regularly and then I have many others I run only once or twice a year. 

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Braving Doula Collective

You become a parent as soon as you conceive a baby. Wether you are carrying the baby yourself, someone is carrying for you, or you are adopting, you are now part of the parenting collective. Our partner ship with The Doula Collective provides a common space for expectant parents to start connecting with other new and expecting parents. This Collective of Doulas holds regular informational and social gathering for their clients and any other new parent who wishes to attend. 

Labour and Birth Doulas

Postpartum Doulas

Prenatal & Postpartum Groups

Meet the Doulas Mixer


Sacred Journey

Hypnobabies® Childbrith Classes

Hypnobabies is a wonderful, positive childbirth education series that teaches mother's guided self-hypnosis to achieve an easier, more comfortable birthing time. During classes you will enjoy learning about your baby and birth while using evidence-based materials, hypnosis scripts, personal MP3 downloads, while interacting alongside other expecting families, enhancing your individual experience as well providing a supporting community. It is a perfect opportunity to bond more closely with your baby and birth partner. You will develop very powerful tools to use during your pregnancy and birth experience.

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CPR of the Rockies

CPR for families who want to keep their children safe.

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Babysitting Co-op

Our dedication to building a community of support for families is further respected in our sponsorship of the babysitting cooperative. We are currently in the process of re-building this group in for the families who live in the areas near The Family Room.

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Lending Library

We have a large library of books available for parents to check out and read at home. Many of these come right out of Patience Bleskan personal collection. Other are ones that have been donated or collected. If you have books you are no longer using and you with to add them to our lending library please let us know.

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Birthday Parties

Looking for a great place to host your little ones birthday? You can rent our space. The Family Room is a kid friendly through out the space. The Play Room can be set up to your specifications using our materials. It can be all about climbing in, up and through. Or we can set up sensory play explorations. Use the Class Room to set up snacks, cake, and gifts. It is really a great space for family birthday fun.

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Our Professional Partners