Q: Can I bring my child to classes/appointments with me?

A: We strive to be child friendly in every way. Children are welcome at all support groups. When a class is for parents only we often have onsite child care available. In general you can assume your child is welcome to come with you. If there is a specific class you are wondering about, go to the class description from our Classes & Workshops page. If children are not welcome it will say in the description.


Q: What is the pricing?

A: Classes that recur weekly: $15 to drop in, to weekly groups and classes. Membership is available for unlimited weekly offerings and discount on classes and services. Workshops vary in cost but are based on a $25/hour rate. Please visit our Pricing page for moe information


Q: How do I sign my child up for child care?

A:  Once you have registered for a class that offered child care it is important to get your child registered for child care. Child Care is on a fist come first serve bases and space is limited. We limit the number of children to insure the safety for all the children. Visit our Child Care Information page to get your child into our system. Then you will just need to send an email to staff@thefamilyroomdever.com and let us know which class and time you are taking and need child care for.


Q: Can I be late for classes?

A: Usually YES! For groups and classes that happen every week, being up to 15 minutes late is fine. We know you have little people you are working with either leaving at home or bringing with you. For workshops, it is better to be on time. These are more structured and you could miss out on important information.  If you are using childcare, being early can be important. your child needs time to transition into the playroom with the childcare providers. If you are running late to more structured classes and workshops, please give us a call at 303-356-6244 and let us know you will be late.