Rachelle Gershkovich

  • CNA, BS Nutrition and Dietetics,
  • CAPPA Certified Labor Doula, 
  • Sleep Development Specialist
  • CDA Member

Rachelle’s passion for new mothers and babies set her career in motion starting as a Night Nanny in 2002. New motherhood is an extraordinary time of life-changing firsts, unknowns, questions and needs. Taking care of a household and family is a fulltime job; taking care of a new baby, a new mother, a new family and a household requires more than just a helping hand – Rachelle wanted to offer more. 

In 2003, Rachelle became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and that was just the beginning. Over the next few years, while having and raising a family of her own, Rachelle continued nannying and enrolled in courses toward a Nursing degree, where she discovered the undeniable, universal value of nutrition. 

Merging her passion for new mothers, babies and nannying with her love of clinical nutrition, in 2009, Rachelle founded Maternal Instincts, LLC / Denver Night Nannies – to support, guide, educate and connect with new mothers, babies and families in transition.

In 2010, Rachelle completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Ever looking to expand her scope of knowledge, Rachelle continued her education through course work in early childhood development, infant and mother nutrition, and alternative medicines. In 2013, she earned her Labor Doula Certification (CLD) from CAPPA, and became a Sleep Development Specialist – invaluable for new babies, recovering Moms, and a functional, sane household.

Rachelle’s qualifications and knowledge as a night nanny, doula, baby nurse and infant care specialist encompass experience with high-risk infant care including heart surgery recovery, feeding tubes, oxygen, colic, and reflux. She also works with lactation, adjusting and balancing a new mother’s dietary and nutritional intake in support of optimal nourishment for the new baby as well as Mom's healing and recovery.

An energetic and fun-loving mother of four, Rachelle brings an open mind, ease, connectivity, and professionalism to each family. Invested in the support and celebration of new babies, new mothers, new families and continuing education, these are the tenants Rachelle lovingly and conscientiously cultivates within Maternal Instincts Denver/Denver Night Nannies – where a full-team experience of supportive, knowledgeable care comes to you.