2 Days, 10 CEUs

$350/Early Bird Special (ends 3 weeks before start of training)

$400/Regular Price

Sleep Matters: Providing EVIDENCE based sleep support to families

So much of the information on sleep available for parents is anecdotal, based only on experience or opinion. In supporting families, it is important to have evidence based information to guide the support and information you give. This workshop is designed to build your knowledge of Biological, Anthropological, and Current Research perspectives on sleep. In addition, you willlearn some of the unique approaches Patience has cultivated over her years woking with families.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • describe the developmental sleep task
  • explain the role the brain plays in sleep
  • identify the systems that young infants have to regulate
  • explain the affect the regulation of automatic systems have on sleep
  • list and define the States of Awareness
  • identify and compare REM and NREM sleep in the infant
  • identify the sleep drives
  • compare and contrast the sleep drives and explain their interaction.
  • explain the relationship between food needs and sleeping
  • describe how motor development affects sleep
  • identify different kinds of research
  • examine research for meaning and application
  • describe the affect culture has on sleep
  • list the pros and cons of sleeping props
  • explain the SIDS risk factors
  • describe best practice for safe sleeping
  • identify a family’s needs when seeking sleep support
  • apply evidence based information into work with families