Toddler Play & Learn

Play groups are designed to be a learning and social time for both parent and baby. Groups starts with introductions. During introductions each family shares who they are, the child/children's age or ages, and a little about how things are going. You could share a new skill learned, or something you that is going really well. You can also share something you are struggling with or that is just frustrating. Next is the activity or material exploration. Some times these activities are more directed and sometimes it is more open ended exploration for the children.

During group Patience moves between interacting with the children and chatting with the parents. Patience also likes to point out the discovers and thought processes the children are making during play time.

These is always time during play groups for parents to talk together and share stories and ideas. You also have an opportunity to ask Patience Bleskan your parenting questions. 

Each month has a different theme. Repeated exposure for toddler increases their cognitive problem solving and creative thinking skills.  

Groups ends with Story Time

Monthly Themes:

August: Reflection

Reflection is more then just looking into a mirror. Different objects reflect light and images in different ways. We will be exploring light and reflective surface.

September: Clay

One of the best ways to gain strong find motor skills in the hands is to play with clay. Clay is more resistant then dough so it really works the muscles of the hand. We will be using clay to create and re create. Or to just squish with out hands.