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Productive parents. happy children.

Work N Play

Are you parent who works form home?

Are you a full time parent?

Do you need a place work when the kids are out of school?

Work N Play is designed as a place for parents to be able to get stuff done while their children are busy in the play being supervised by a child care professional. 

We all know how hard much longer it takes to take a phone call or answer an email the the children are right there in your space. The minute you have a must get to on your to do list, the children need you. And they need you right now. 

As a way to allow you to destress and get things done more efficiently we offer Work N Play times weekly and during major public school vacation days. 

For about 10 dollar and hour (or less), you can work in our class room set up with many places to sit and work in a way you like best.

Children get to play in the Playroom with a child care professional to make sure they are happy and safe. Activities and material will change based on the ages of the children who come. To keep every one safe we have a max of 10 children who can be in the playroom at a time, so it is important to register and let up know which hours you plan to attend. 

Once you are registered you will receive a confirmation email (check you spam) with links to 2 forms. One is to give us information about your child. The other form is to tell us the exact hours you plan to attend on the day you registered for.